Private and Public Utility Locating

Private utilities are any utilities not owned by the actual utility company. Some examples of these utilities include fire suppression lines, irrigation systems, well lines, sewer services, as well as gas, water, and electrical services on the customer side of the meters. These type of utilities cannot be located by the utility company or their contracted locators. That’s why Jackrabbit Locating Services LLC is here. We locate the private lines that the utility company locators can’t locate. Our priority is customer satisfaction as well as safety. Utility lines are very costly to fix when damaged, and they can even be dangerous or deadly. Before you do any activity that involves digging or just want to know where a certain utility is, give us a call. We will be happy to help you get the job done. 

As with the public side of utilities, we would be happy to partner with any utility company in the area to locate and protect their utilities. Contact us with any questions on how we can help